Trading worldwide

At the usual trading sites, it is possible to exchange cryptocurrencies to other cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin to Neo) and to fiat at some exchanges (like Bitcoin to EUR). These are (trading) pairs on the exchange. Most pairs will be with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and exchange specific currencies like Thether (USDT), LiteCoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), Binance Coin (BNB), etc.

Trading sites, which accept new users, are:

Beginner in trading

Trading platform WebApp

Coinigy (with a free trail for 30 days) is a nice trading platform to receive alerts, buy and sell notifications to an e-mail adress (also in free trial) and/or to SMS (monthly fee only).

Make sure you have a separate e-mail adress to join Coinigy (like, GMail or iCloud) to receive such notifications to make sure your alerts (with sound and/or vibration) won’t be disturbed by other e-mails.

For the Coinigy you will need accounts on exchanges like Binance, GDAX (CoinBase)HitBTC, etc. Make sure you have 2FA enabled with your Authy or Google Authenticator app.

Now the very important part, you will need to connect the exchange to Coinigy with API keys. The API keys are very valuable (for thiefs) and can do trades or withdrawals for you, so please make sure you don’t communicate or store them anywhere else.

Knowing Your Customer (KYC)

Be aware that the exchanges need for Knowing Your Customer (KYC) procedure most of the time a mobile phone number, home address and identity documents like driver license or passport. 

Also it’s possible the ask you to write a note with current date and exchange name, take you identity document and make a selfie. 

Exchanges Europe

How do we buy bitcoin or other currencies in EUR?

In Europe it’s very easy to retrieve fiat (EUR) from a bank account, exchange it for cryptocurrency and putting is direct into a wallet.

This is a list of the main exchanges:

Possible with iDeal, Bancontact / MisterCash, MyBank, GiroPay, SEPA bankwire, SOFORT, VISA or MasterCard.


Portfolio Apps

To make sure you know exactly what your cryptocurrency portfolio is worth at this moment tehre are some apps available. In the apps you can see if you have gained or lost fiat (USD or EUR), can set alerts, is available as website and/or mobile apps, etc.:

Trading & Exchanging