Cryptocurrencies or (crypto)coins are relative new these days as result of FinTech (Financial & IT) innovations. The first Bitcoin was mined at  January 3, 2009. With only 9 years of development we are in 2018, like we were with our PC about 20 years ago. This is only the start of a huge change in the financial world and how we do business with each other. This is a very tricky business too with ups & downs and not all cryptocurrencies will survive. It depends how the current authorities (government, banks, financial markets, etc.) will react on it and how innovative (technical & marketing) the FinTech companies will be. If you have money which you don’t need now and in the future then this can be a nice opportunity to join the ride. 

Cryptocurrencies are designed with a vision of a financial world without governments, big financial institutions and centralized administrated transactions. The opposite of the ‘old financial world’ is called the blockchain which can run on many IT systems, including your own desktop.  The means cryptocurrencies can be created (yes, you can create your own coin or token) be anybody which have programming experience. You can raise your own money in an International Coin Offer (ICO) and ask the trade markets to add your coin or token. This means also that SCAM is very easy, so you have to be very careful in the world. Still, it can be  a lot of fun. 

Crypto Coin To the Moon
Value for your coins and up to the moon!

Short manual for investing in coins or tokens:

Illegal activitities:

  • Give financial advice to other people (so we don't give advice either!)
  • Forget to pay taxes
  • Pump and dump actions to influence the price
  • Buy or sell illegal items with cryptocurrencies

Indexes and benchmarks:

The indexes and benchmarks are important to find more information about your cryptocurrencie(s), which can be coins and/or tokens. This information can be important to figure out how much a coin is worth in fiat (USD / EUR). Most of the time the financial values are available in indexes. 

A real benchmark, which compares many characteristics of the coins health, isn’t available at this moment. 

Complete benchmark based on the market capitalizations, volume changes, amount of transactions, transactions speed, news activity,  network size, developers activity, amount of staff, community activity, public interest, businesses involvement, ecofriendliness and roadmap sustainability.

We want to filter the data on market driven emotions and on pure facts.

Outcome will be available by API


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Financial driven benchmark based on the market capitalizations (circulating supply x price in dollars). 

Almost all current coins and token are listed with nice selection and sorting options. After selecting a coin it’s possible to zoom to the website, source code, message board, social media and trading / exchange markets 

Metrics driven benchmark based on the liquidity (financial), developer (GitHub query), community (Reddit, Facebook and Twitter) and public interest (Bing & Alexa query).

Almost all current coins and token are listed with nice sorting options. After selecting a coin it’s possible to zoom to the website, hashing algorithm, hashrates, block times, source code, message board, social media, trading / exchange markets and a mining calculator.

When logged in, you can configure your own Dashboard with your favorite coins.

Last but not least there is a ICO (International Coin Offer) list. Extra careful, tricky stuff !!!

Developer driven benchmark based on GitHub query.

Complete different way of approaching sustainability of a coin / token in the future. Without active development is a coin / token / platform dead and that will have an impact on it’s value.  

Financial driven benchmark based on the market capitalizations (circulating supply x price in dollars) with changes in green and red colours

Possible to setup a watchlist and portfolio.

Last but not least there is a ICO (International Coin Offer) calendar. Extra careful, tricky stuff !!!

New in coins? news:

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