Why ICO's?

International Coin Offers (ICO’s) are being issued for collect money from the public to an organisation (company or association). In return you get cryptocurrency (coin or token) which is a share of the organisation. If the cryptocurrency gets listed on the markets (=trading / exchange sites) it’s possible to change the coin or token to another coin or token.

For example: InBot Ambassador, platform for trusted B2B referrals, is company which will release the InToken during an ICO. During the ICO it’s possible to buy InToken with other cryptocurrency, for example Ethereum (ETH).  If InToken will be accepted at Binance and be a pair with ETH and/or BTC then it’s possible to trade InToken

What is the catch? 

If the new token or coin is very popular and couldn’t be bought by persons during the ICO launch then it’s a chance that the new coin or token will increase value rapidly. It isn’t unusual that the coin will increase 400% or more in the first month on the exchanges. 

This means you can make a lot of money if you bought new coins  or tokens during the ICO launch. With 1500 cryptocurrencies at this moment you have maybe 10 which did it great. 

Don’t forget to sell at their highest level and that is very tricky to find too. 

What is the risk? 

You can’t predict an new token becomes very popular and increase a lot on the markets, because you have to know so much about the value of company, amount of coins released, the product, the popularity of cryptocurrency when trading started, if there are other big investors which can cause a price drop, how much stays in the hands of the company, etc. etc. etc. 

If you believe in a company, product, etc. etc. it’s maybe worth to buy a share. It will be a miracle if you become rich with it, but miracles does happen or at least they did happen in the past.

And some ICO’s never where an organisation, so scammers does use the ICO trick to steal money with very nice websites, whitepapers, copied pictures and LinkedIn accounts as staff, etc etc. 

ICO benchmarks and information sites

The ICO’s are HOT and you can defeat other persons if you have the right information. That’s  not only to avoid scammers, but also to increase the possibility that at least the share in tokens or coins has the same value as the paid cryptocurrency. View the due diligence reports on the these great sites and add red- or green flags. 

Best ICO information is available at:

ICO calendars

International Coin Offers (ICO’s)
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