Work in progress

Work in Progress


  • Setting up Value 4 Coins as an information platform about Cryptocurrencies / Crypto coins.
  • Setting up the main product with cutting-edge business rules to inform you with best & most up-to-date Cryptocurrencies information available.

Task list:

  • (Done) Value 4 Coins / Value 4 Cryptocurrencies and Crypto Coin Benchmark become trademarks (registered in The Netherlands)
  • (In progress) We are deploying Holacracy based organisation
  • (In progress) We are deploying Social Media & collaboration channels
  • (In progress) We are deploying Agile SCRUM
  • (In progress) We are deploying Continuous Integration /-Delivery platform.
  • (In progress) We are looking for developers for our WordPress site Value 4 Coins
  • (In progress) We are looking for developers for our Crypto Coin Benchmark (probably AngularJS2, MVC / .NET Core, PowerShell, SQL Azure , Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Data Lake, SQL R, Azure AI (Cognitive, Machine Learning, and Bot), Azure CDN, etc.)

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